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How To Stop Sugar Cravings

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Q. Hi, i'm on my 4th day and i already feel like quitting.. i have a headache and i cant stop thinking about things that are creamy and sweet like ice cream. is there anything i can eat that wont take away my progress! thanks!

A. Carb cravings are normal and expected in the beginning. Do not give in, they will pass. If you continue to have a hard time with cravings after the first week, you can take L-Glutamine supplement which will eliminate the cravings. Remember, a lot if it is just your brain, which needs to be retrained. Carbs, bad, fat, good!

A. Sugar free Jello with some cool whip on top really stops my cravings for sweet stuff!
- Jennifer

A. Try the endulge bars or any of the other Atkins bars...Decadent chocoltate has helped me through some times. The headaches do go away...
- marlene

A. You dont want to eat the atkins bars on your 4th day atkins bars or for when you are trying to maintain and jellow with whip cream should not be done in 1st 2 weeks .
- john

A. I am on day 3 without sugar. I drink water and I also had a table spoon of heavy cream It worked. (Cool whip has sugar and if you eat that then you will have to start all over again dont be temeted.

A. Dont give up!What has helped me with my sweet cravings is a diet black cherry vanilla coke.Try it before you give up.
- valarie

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