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South Beach Diet Plan

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The south beach diet provides a long term solution to weight loss

The south beach diet is a very popular, effective low carb diet plan that was develped by Dr. Arthur Agatston, M.D. The South Beach diet just may be the long-waited blessing for those who are serious about losing weight and protecting their health. Being overweight encourages high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type II diabetes mellitus, and a host of other diseases. The south beach diet not only causes you to lose weight but aids in the prevention of the serious diseases associated with being overweight.

Diet Plans and Social Consequence

A high degree of social contempt is probably the most dangerous psychological consequence of being overweight. People with weight problems have been regarded as lacking will power and self control.

Many overweight people have suffered discrimination at school and in the work place. The south beach diet can help overweight individuals improve their self image through weight reduction and can help to alleviate the suffering from the prejudices that have been directed against them.

The South Beach Plan

The south beach diet focuses on lean proteins and healthy carbs (starches) and fats. The carbs selected are those starches with the lowest glycemic index. The glycemic index is a measure of how fast and how high a specific starch raises the blood sugar level. Those starches that cause slow, moderate rises of blood sugar have a low glycemic index.

For example, ice cream has a lower glycemic index than pasta (36 versus 50). At the top of the list is pure glucose with a glycemic index of 100. According to Dr. Agatston, a healthy carb is one that has a very low glycemic index. He recommends eating carbs with the lowest glycemic index. Starches with lower glycemic indexes also help to normalize your blood sugar levels.

Almost every one knows that a diet rich in saturated fat plays a central role in the development of heart disease, America's # 1 killer. According to the American Heart Association, an ample body of scientific evidence shows that reducing dietary fat and cholesterol can lower the risk of heart and blood vessel disease in the general population.

The south beach diet encourages you to eat monosaturated fats (good fats) such as those in olive oil and fish so you can lose weight quickly without increasing your risk of serious heart disease.

Following the south beach diet is a healthy way to lose weight rapidly and promises a 13 lb. weight loss in two weeks. The south beach diet consists of three phases. Phase I of the diet and last for fourteen days and is the most strict phase of rapid weight loss. Phase I bans fruits, starches such as bread, pasta, and rice.

Phase II of the diet starts immediately after the first fourteen days. During phase II of the diet, healthy carbs are introduced into the diet. Weight loss is slower during phase II, but ultimately will lead to long-term dieting success. You are encouraged to stay in phase II until you have achieved your weight loss goal.

Phase III of the south beach diet is the most liberal phase. You are free to add additional carbs. This phase determines how you will be eating the rest of your life. According to Dr. Agatston, anytime you start to overindulge or regain some weight, you should switch back to Phase I for a week or two.

The south beach diet teaches you to eat the right carbs and the right fats and provides you with a long term solution to weight loss. As a result, the south beach diet has enormous health benefits.

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