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Low Carbohydrate Desserts

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low carbohydrate desserts keep you thin

Overweight individuals should eat low carbohydrate desserts. Most desserts are high carbohydrate, high calorie foods. Because of this, they are very fattening. As a result, low carbohydrate desserts are essential to a successful weight loss program.

Rich and tasty desserts are usually high in calories and contain lots of starch, sugar, fats and oils. However, low carbohydrate desserts can be prepared to contain less calories by limiting the amounts of each of the ingredients or by substituting the flour and sugar with other non-carbohydrate ingredients with fewer or no calories.

The flour used in low carbohydrate desserts is usually a low carbohydrate bake mix. There are several brands of low carbohydrate bake mixes on the market. The mixes are generally a combination of some form of powdery protein and fiber, such as soy, whey, and sometimes oats with baking powder.

These mixes are the low carb world's equivalent of Bisquick. The low carb bake mixes differ from Bisquick in that they do not have shortening added. These low carb bake mixes may be sold locally and many websites sell them.

Most sweeteners or sugar replacements can be found in your local supermarket. There are numerous kinds of sweeteners and they may vary in sweetness, aroma, and aftertaste.

Splenda is the latest artificial sweetener to hit the market. The sweetener has been combined with maltodextrin, and measures just like sugar spoon-for-spoon, cup-for-cup. Splenda is not completely free of carbohydrates, but it has far less carbohydrates per teaspoon than sugar.

Splenda has 0.5 grams of carbohdrates per teaspoon. Whereas, sugar has 4 grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon. The sweetness of Splenda is not lost during cooking or baking. By using Splenda, one can significantly reduce the carbohydrate and calorie content of low carb foods and retain sweetness.

Butter is the optimal fat ingredient to be used in low carbohydrate desserts because of its rich taste and that it is free of carbohydrates. Even though butter does not contain carbohydrates, it should be used sparingly because of its high fat and caloric content. If too much butter or oil is added to the dessert, it will be fattening.

Frostings should not be used to garnish low carbohydrate desserts. However, you may use a light whipped cream. Light whipped cream is very tasty. Two tablespoons of light whipped cream contain about 25 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates.

One should be cautious about adding nuts, raisins and such to desserts. Nuts and raisins increase the number of calories in the dessert. However, you may add spices and flavors because the calorie and carbohydrate content are negligible. Low carbohydrate desserts not only give you a sense of fullness while dieting, but will also help prevent you from straying from your diet.

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