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Low Carbohydrate Cooking

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low carbohydrate cooking will help you prepare healthy meals

Low carbohydrate cooking can have exceptional health benefits because it can aid in the prevention of the serious diseases that are associated with obesity. Thus, all overweight individuals should engage in low carbohydrate cooking as a preventive measure to maintain a healthy body weight and to protect their health.

By making simple changes in the way you cook and prepare food, you can reduce your overall carbohydrate intake quite dramatically and still enjoy a healthy, delicious diet. If you are overweight, you should substitute high calorie, high carbohydrate food for low calorie, low carbohydrate food.

Low carbohydrate food is also healthy because it tends to be rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Essential minerals and vitamins are substances that your body needs and cannot make. They have to be taken in daily from the diet. However, cooking may destroy much of the minerals and vitamins in low carbohydrate foods.

Steaming is an excellent low carbohydrate cooking technique. Steaming preserves many more nutrients than boiling and requires no added fat, making it one of the healthiest cooking techniques. Microwaving is also a good way of preserving vitamins and minerals in low carbohydrate foods.

One should avoid cooking low carbohydrate foods with large amounts of fat, such as butter, margarine, and various vegetable oils. Even though fats and oils are free of carbohydrates, they are energy dense, meaning they contain many calories per serving. A tablespoon of a fat or oil contains about 135 calories. Whereas 1 tablespoon of a carbohydrate or protein contains about 60 calories.

If large amounts of fats or oils are used to flavor low carbohydrate foods, the purpose of low carbohydrate cooking has been defeated. Thus, one should use fats or oil sparingly. Herbs and ground spices can be used to flavor some low carbohydrate foods. The carbohydrate content of herbs and spices are negligible. They add very little calories to food, if any.

Sugar is also fattening and adds many calories to food. These extra calories can be eliminated by using sweeteners or by using one half of a sweetener and one half sugar when preparing low carbohydrate foods requiring sugar in the recipe.

There are many sweeteners on the market. One has to be careful in selecting a sweetener because some of the sweetness can be lost during cooking and baking. People who are overweight should seriously consider using sweeteners in low carbohydrate cooking.

Flour is a starch. Flour can add many calories to food. Flour should be used sparingly in the preparation of low carbohydrate foods. Flour can be substituted with low carb bake mixes. The low carb bake mixes can be used for making low carbohydrate desserts, “flouring” meats, and as a binder in casseroles. These low carb bake mixes are found in your local grocery store.

By making healthy food choices and engaging in low carbohydrate cooking, you can maintain an ideal body weight, lose weight, and protect your health. If you are overweight and have not started a low carbohydrate cooking program, you should start immediately.

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