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Many of the fad diets and weight loss programs promising rapid and dramatic results are prevalent but are not effective. Here are some common questions people ask to determine the effectiveness of a low carb diet plan. The questions and the answers are shared with potential customers. 1. What physiologic principle is involed in the diet?

Answer: The diet is a low carbohydrate diet and is based on the findings that obese individuals metabolize glucose less efficiently than lean (thin) individuals. Obese individuals do not fully metabolize the carbohydrates they eat to useful energy. Following the digestion of carbohydrate rich foods by obese individuals, the glucose accumulates in the blood and most of it is converted to fat . The scientific rationale for a low carb diet is that if carbohydrate rich foods are replaced with healthy low carbohydrate foods, the body can be stimulated into a weight losing mode.

2. Is the diet safe in the short and long term?

Answer: Yes, because it is a healthy diet and supplies all of the minerals and vitamins required by the body on a daily basis. The diet provides for a safe and steady weight loss for as long as one stays on it.

3. How difficult is it for most people to adhere to the diet?

Answer: People who had gone on the diet stated that they enjoyed eating healthy food and that they had no problem staying on the diet until they acheived their weight loss goal.

4. Are the foods inexpensive and easy to obtain?

Answer: Yes. The foods are VERY affordable and easy to obtain. The foods are easy to obtain in bulk quantities especially at some of the large wholesale food warehouses. There can be one- stop shopping for all of the foods on the diet at reasonable costs from large wholesale food houses.

5. Can the whole family eat the foods recommended by this diet?

Answer: Yes. The entire family can eat all of the foods on the diet unless they have known allergies to some of them or cannot have certain foods because they have a particular health problem.

6. Will the diet contribute to good long-term eating habits?

Answer: Yes. The diet provides a variety of healthy foods to choose from on a day to day basis. The diet helps people to choose foods wisely and offers a long-term strategy for healthy eating to maintain a healthy body weight. The diet replaces high carbohydrate-high calorie foods with foods that are low in carbohydrates, but are rich in nutrients.

7. Does the diet provide for all three classes of food?

Answer: Yes. The diet is low in carbohydrates. Foods that are very low in carbohydrates are included in the diet. The diet is also low in fats and high in proteins and all of these foods are nutrionally adequate.

8. Is the purchase of devices or pills required?

Answer: No.

9. Are drugs included?

Answer: No.

10. Is weight loss excessively rapid?

Answer: No. However, if the diet is combined with a daily moderate to vigorous exercise program, the amount of weight loss will increase.

11. Is the focus on diet alone, excluding exercise?

Answer: No. The diet plan encourages exercise and emphasizes that weight loss can be achieved at a faster rate if it is combined with a daily exercise program.

12. Are there sensational claims made in advertisements for the diet?

Answer: No. One must remember that excess body weight is not easy to shed in the absence of self starvation. The diet offers realistic weight loss goals. The rate of weight loss varies on an individual basis, depending upon fluid shifts, changes in physical activity, and alterations in the metabolic rate.

Some individuals may become discouraged and drop out if they don't see dramatic results after being on the diet the first week. On the other hand, some individuals may actually see a significant weight loss after being on the diet for seven days. However, it should be emphasized that the diet encourages a long term approach to weight loss in an attempt to discourage dropouts.

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