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You must exercise to lose weight quickly

Exercise is necessary to lose weight with any diet program. The older you get, the harder it is to maintain your weight simply by restricting what you eat. A healthy low carbohydrate diet combined with exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.

In theory, the utilization of calories through exercise should be as valuable as restricting caloric intake by dieting. However, if exercise is used alone to lose weight, it generally has only a marginal effect on body weight. When exercise is combined with a healthy weight loss diet, the effects can be dramatic on body weight. Also, exercise improves the general health of overweight and/or obese individuals, preventing diseases for which obesity is a risk factor.

Exercise also contributes to the long-term maintenance of an ideal body shape by preserving lean body tissue(muscle).

When exercise is combined with the diet, the amount of weight you lose will consist primarily of fat, whereas without exercise, there could be a loss of lean body tissue.

Regular exercise also helps muscle cells take up glucose (sugar) from the blood stream and use it for energy more efficiently. Thus, exercise may lower one's risk of developing type 2 diabetes which is common especially in obese people over the age 40. Increasing physical activity should be tailored to individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Walking is one of the easiest and most convenient exercises to lose weight that an overweight and/or an obese individual can begin to practice. Walking offers a very low risk of complications or athletic injuries. Walking is an excellent way to lose body fat, especially when combined with a weight loss diet.

The body does not start burning fat stores until about thirty minutes of activity. Walking briskly for at least a half hour a day not only consumes a couple hundred calories, but it also boosts your metabolic rate for the rest of the day, giving you a better chance to burn fat and lose weight even after you have finished your exercise. In addition, you are more likely to maintain any weight loss you achieve if you incorporate walkng in your daily routine.

A low carbohydrate diet can lower the blood glucose alone. However, if a low carbohydrate diet is combined with exercise to lose weight, the two acting synergistically together could possibly postpone and even prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and facilitate the weight loss process; especially in people who are overweight and whose bodies have already started having trouble metabolizing glucose.

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