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Caffeine and Coffee on Low Carb Diets

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Q. I am hooked on Starbucks coffee. I've heard that caffeine as well as sugared drinks are not compatible with the Atkins Diet. Any suggestions on what I can get at Starbucks that will give me the caffeine I need without messing up my attempts to reach ketosis?

A. I am a starbucks junkie myself - no one knows how much I miss my beloved venti mocha. I will have to try it Breve style later!

Drip coffee has zero carbs. 2 Tablespoons of half and half is 1 carb. One pkg of Splenda has just 1 carb and is an Atkins-acceptable sweetner.

I'm on day 5 of induction and I have been doing it this way the whole time. I know I'm supposed to kick caffiene but I'M ADDICTED! I CAN'T quit everything all at once. But I've already lost like 4 pounds so I don't think it matters much. At least for me. Probably because my body doesn't know how to function w/out caffiene....

Good luck!

A. Since I've been on Atkins I've switched to decaf and occasionally have caffine. Now when I drink more than 3 cups of caffine I feel very shaky and irritated. I fool everyone who comes to my house and has coffee. I believe it's because of the flavored decaf I buy. Try it, it's worth it, just don't tell your guests it's decaf, they'll never know and you'll stay loyal to your diet.

A. If you want to still enjoy your coffee on Atkins (and you're past induction) you can enjoy a drink called Breve'. My favorite is a Grande-Sugar Free Vanilla-Breve'-Latte'. The breve means that they make it with Half and Half instead of milk, and Half and Half has a lot less carbs than milk. They taste great and have very low carbs. The Vanilla makes the coffee flavor really stand out too! I say go for it!

A. You have to kick the caffeine habit if you want to do Atkins. Caffeine causes your blood sugar to lower leaving you with sugar cravings. You should first switch to decaf, then from there kick the habit entirely. Good luck!

A. I have gone from 146 pounds to 132 pounds. I go every day at least twice a day to Circle K and get me a 20 oz. cup of coffee with 3 of the little cups of half and half and 6 packets of equal. I find that it has not harmed me in any way with the diet and does not make me crave sugars in any way. I think this craving problem varies with every person and is not a hard fast rule.

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