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Carbohydrate Addicts Diet

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A carbohydrate addicts diet can help you lose weight quickly

A carbohydrate addicts diet offers you weight loss and allows you to eat the foods that you enjoy once a day. The diet does not require measuring and weighing foods, counting calories or using food exchange plans. The diet also allows you to consume alcoholic beverages. The carbohydrate addicts diet is designed to allow your body's own metabolic mechanisms to reduce your carbohydrate cravings, calorie intake and desire to not to stray from the diet.

Individuals who have frequent cravings for carbohydrates are called carbohydrate addicts. A carbohydrate addict does not feel satisfied after eating. People who are not carbohydrate addicts feel satisfied after they eat because their body responds by : (1) releasing insulin so that the food can be metabolized and (2) the brain releases a chemical called serotonin in sufficient quantities to stop you from eating.

These two mechanisms are thought to be abnormal in carbohydrate addicts. As long as these two mechanisms are malfunctioning, the carbohydrate addict will continue to feel hunger and remain unsatisfied. By strictly adhering to a carbohydrate addicts diet, you gradually loose your cravings for carbohydrates.

A carbohydrate addicts diet allows you to eat two consecutive complimentary meals and a reward meal daily. The complimentary meals are high in fiber, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates. The complimentary meals cause less insulin to be released from the pancreas. Less insulin means less hunger, fewer cravings, and a feeling of satisfaction.

The lowered insulin level promotes the mobilization of fat from the body's fat depots to the liver to be oxidized (burned to energy).

The reward meal of the carbohydrate addicts diet allows you to eat any food that you desire with unlimited quantities, providing you have no dietary restriction imposed upon you by a physician. The reward meal should also be nutritious and balanced. The reward meal requires you to have completed the meal within one hour to prevent a second release of insulin from the pancreas.

The underlying rationale of the carbohydrate addicts diet is that after you have been deprived of insulin releasing carbohydrates for two consecutive meals, your body adjusts accordingly. Your body comes to expect the complimentary meals ( high in fiber, low fat, and low carbohydrate ) instead of a heavy carbohydrate meal.

As a result, less insulin is released, less fat is stored, and more fat is oxidized ( burned to energy ). In addition, the lower levels of insulin allows the brain to release sufficient quantities of serotonin to act as an appetite suppressant and regulator.

There are five guidelines that you must follow when you are on a carbohydrate addicts diet: (1) eat two consecutive complementary meals daily, (2) eat a reward meal every day, (3) complete your reward meal within one hour, (4) consume all alcoholic beverages during your reward meal and (5) no between-meal snacks are allowed. Thus, you can achieve your weight loss goal successfully by adhering strictly to all five guidelines.

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