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The Atkins Diet is an effective low carb plan for losing weight

The atkins diet is a low carb diet. It was the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins who popularized "low carb dieting". Weight loss has become a public health concern. Almost two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Dr. Atkins believed Losing weight not only improves one's personal appearance but has immediate health benefits. The Atkins diet not only helps you to lose weight but offers you enormous health benefits. High Fat - High Protien - low carbs says Atkins

The Atkins Diet is a high-fat, high protein, low carb ohydrate diet. The diet limits carbohydrates, but permits unrestricted amounts of protein and fat. Dr. Atkins' theory is that carbohydrates cause increases in insulin levels. The insulin that is secreted from the pancreas causes metabolic changes that lead to weight gain.

The Atkins Theory

According to Dr. Akins, by reducing your carbohydrate intake, you decrease the release of insulin from the pancreas, thereby improving your health status and loss of body fat. If you follow the diet you'll almost certainly lose weight.

The Atkins Studies

A one year study of the atkins diet was conducted by researchers at the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania. The researchers conducted the study to detemine the effectiveness of the Atkins diet on reducing blood lipid (fat) levels and body fat.

They compared a group of conventional dieters with a group of people following the atkins plan. They found that those who followed the atkins plan achieved significant increases in their "good cholesterol" (HDL) and greater decreases in fats in the blood known as triglycerides. After three months, atkins dieters had lost an average of 14.7 pounds compared to 5.8 pounds in the conventional group. At six months, they had lost 15.2 pounds, versus 6.9 pounds in the conventional group.

Another study was undertaken at Duke University Medical Center comparing the atkins diet to a low-fat, low calorie diet recommended by the American Heart Association. After six months, it was found that the atkins dieters lost more weight (18.7 pounds versus 8.6 pounds) and more body fat (10.5 pounds versus 4.4 pounds) than the low-fat, low calorie dieters.

Despite initial skepticism, the diet is now receiving positive reviews in medical journals and the news media. The atkins diet has been proven to be a safe and effective weight loss diet with many positive health benefits.

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